Leadership Dakota County Sept '17 (with year)



To establish Dakota County as a leader in community development by advancing the skills of emerging leaders and inspiring them to serve their communities and organizations.


The program promotes leadership skills, community involvement, and personal growth. Each session features speakers who are acknowledged leaders in their specific fields. Program participants will be actively engaging in discussion as they explore the opportunities and challenges and discuss solutions to the most pressing issues facing our county. The sessions will be held in various parts of the county.


  • To identify and recruit emerging leaders

  • To develop and enhance leadership skills

  • To motivate citizens to volunteer and lead

  • To understand how Dakota County operates

  • To improve working relationships

  • To create a learning community

  • To establish Dakota County as a ‘leadership mecca’

  • To encourage networking among participants during and after the program

  • To see participants put their newly acquired leadership skills into action for the betterment of their communities


“I had no idea when I submitted my application for Leadership Dakota County how much I would enjoy the experience. This has been a great experience to learn all the facets of the county and all that is going on. I have especially appreciated the opportunity to make new friends and network. I will definitely recommend to my friends and co-workers that they apply for future sessions.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all sessions and learned something from every one of the classes. By having it scheduled in the afternoons instead of evenings, I was able to participate. The session on education prompted me to enroll in classes at Northeast Community College and pursue getting my elementary education degree.”


Tuition for the program is $225 per participant and is payable upon notification of acceptance into the program. Tuition may be paid by the participant, the participant’s employer, a sponsoring organization or a combination thereof.


The program is open to any person who lives or works in Dakota County. Persons who are new to a leadership role or aspiring toward one are encouraged to apply. A conscious effort will be made to select participants who represent a cross-section of the various areas of the county, race, gender, and occupational background. The diversity of perspectives among participants will result in more meaningful interaction and learning in the program. Final participant selection is made by the Leadership Dakota County committee on the basis of the written application.

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